Property Update - 1/17/21

We have a few quick updates on our current church property and wanted to keep you in the loop!

  • Escrow is moving forward as expected, and we are looking at a Spring closing!
  • God continues to be in the middle of negotiations, even doing the "ridiculously" miraculous! Our buyer has offered MORE funds and MORE resources that will give us MORE flexibility to expand to MORE locations and MORE time to look for the right spaces!

We can hardly believe all that God is doing!

So, what are we giving in exchange for all the extra, you ask? Our timeline may shift: we could be leaving our current campus in late 2021 instead of early 2022. So keep all of this NEW in prayer because what is happening is HUGELY exciting, especially as we look ahead to our next!


We're aggressively considering several opportunities in West Covina and neighboring areas. Details/negotiations are in progress, as we continue to move forward! We will keep updating you along the way as we have solid news to share!

Please continue to:

  1. Pray — for God's movement, more favor, direction and wisdom for what's next!
  2. Be patient — we're on this journey together, and news may be slow
  3. Stay planted — continue to lean into community, groups, serving, outreach and doing life together!

We're so excited about all God is doing in 2021 and are more sure than ever that the best days — for you and for FAITH — are ahead!



Got more questions? Don't be shy! We love to talk about all that God is doing! Feel free to reach out to us!