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The Hated – Day 3

Before Taylor Swift, Jesus was the OG on "shake it off." He warned us: if we're not welcomed, leave. Shake...

The Hated – Day 2

Jesus gave sound advice to his followers in the context of judgement. We're not to judge, or we'll be judged....

The Hated – Day 1

Jesus sent the...

This Is Different – Day 5

We don't have to wonder too much about why Ananias was afraid to pray for Saul. Even still, God said,...

This Is Different – Day 4

Understandably, Ananias didn't want to do what God was asking: go pray for the man who was hunting and killing...

This Is Different – Day 3

The men traveling with Saul were at the same place, at the same time but having a very different experience:...

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