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Wait! What? - Day 2

The phrase "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" had nothing to do with revenge. It...

Wait! What? - Day 1

This verse comes from a passage of Scripture we know as the Sermon on the Mount — the longest recorded...

Never Seen Anything Like This - Day 5

The crowd had never seen anything like the healing of the paralyzed man. And what was their response? PRAISE!

We are...

Never Seen Anything Like This - Day 4

As soon as Jesus spoke this word, the man got up and picked up his mat. He was no longer...

Never Seen Anything Like This - Day 3

Jesus saw the faith of the men through their actions. They carried their friend. They climbed on top of a...

Never Seen Anything Like This - Day 2

The paralyzed man could not get himself to Jesus, so his friends picked him up and carried him. We don't...


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